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"Y o u r   P r e s c r i p t i o n   f o r   L A U G H T E R !"

The HILARIOUS Cartoon* Book That Is Getting RAVE Reviews!

* Cartoon style & humor is similar to that of the FAR SIDE by Gary Larson


GOOD MEDICINE is endorsed by:

Johnny Hart (creator, 'B.C.', 'The Wizard of Id')

Bil Keane (creator, 'The Family Circus')

John McPherson (creator, 'Close to Home')

Wayne Stayskal (Editorial Cartoonist-'Tampa (FL) Tribune' & creator, 'Ralph')

Rob Portlock (author, 'Off The Church Wall')

Rob Suggs (author, 'It Came From Beneath The Pew')

Ron Wheeler (author, 'The Advenures of Jeremiah')

Doug Jones (cartoonist, illustrator)

Dr. Bob Phillips (author, "World's Greatest Collection of Clean Jokes")

Kelly Gallagher (director-Beacon Hill Press)

...and many others!


You've seen Bruce Robinson's cartoons in Focus On The Family's 'Breakaway' magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, The National Enquirer, Woman's World and a host of other national periodicals. Welcome to the first collection of GOOD MEDICINE cartoons, featuring 'Harkins'-the angel of good cheer! From 'Noah as a kid' to 'backsliding snakes', you'll laugh again & again at the 'far side' of Christiandom. The Bible says in Proverbs 17:22- " A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..." So come and make your heart merry! This might be just what the Great Physician would prescribe for you- a heaping, helping dose of GOOD MEDICINE!


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(enlargement of front book cover)

"...GOOD VERY funny!..."

-Charles  Schulz (creator, 'Peanuts')

"Funny stuff! Bruce's quirky style is SURE to make you laugh." - Michael Ross (editor, Focus on the Family's 'Breakaway' magazine)

"WARNING: This book should not be read in libraries, churches, monasteries, funeral homes or in any other setting in which uncontrollable laughter and snorting may not be appreciated."
-John McPherson (cartoonist/creator, 'Close to Home')

"GOOD MEDICINE is a terrific assembly of cutting-edge, witty, reflective humor from the mind, heart and imagination of a true comedic master."
-The Midwest Book Review


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Collectors Edition-
First Printing!

'GOOD MEDICINE 2' Will Be Going To Press Soon!

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